1911 Magazines

In the last 30 plus years, tens of millions of rounds have gone through CM Products magazines.  From the dusty ranges of the World Speed Shooting Championships in California to the battle fields of Afghanistan and Iraq, you will find CM Products magazines excelling where other magazines fail. The Achilles Heel of the autoloading pistol is the magazine that feeds the rounds into the barrel’s chamber.

Early in his competitive shooting career, Chip McCormick discovered that with all the money he spent on having his pistols custom tuned by leading pistolsmiths of the day there was one thing he could not solve. No matter how much time and effort went into blueprinting and customizing his pistols for competition there was one thing that he could not control. Magazines. Nothing was more frustrating than to spend months training for a world championship and to be knocked out of the running due to a magazine failure.

Today, CM Products carries this legacy forward into the future and continues the relentless pursuit of perfection as we manufacture and sell what we belive are the finest and most robust 1911 magazines available.

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