Railed Power Mag

CM Products RPM or Railed Power Mags are the STRONGEST 1911 MAGAZINES EVER MADE!  The RPM design is the result of a relentless pursuit of excellence, maximizing reliability and durability under all conditions. The dual wall feed rails have revolutionized 1911 magazines.

No more jams due to thin, warped and bent feed lips! The feed rails built into the RPM are AT LEAST TWICE AS STRONG as any traditional 1911 magazine feed lips and provide the SMOOTHEST FEEDING SURFACE.

Railed Power Mags have the CM Products 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Strongest 1911 magazines ever made: At least 2X the service life!
  • Feed rails provide smoothest feeding surface
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • Laser welded tube
  • Numbered witness holes for visual round count
  • Patented RPM follower is alloy frame safe
  • 18 coils of high tensile rocket wire spring (19 coils in 10 round magazines)
  • Removable base pad for easy cleaning
  • Smooth finish for easy insertion and removal
  • Long lasting function in dirty environments
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