Power Mag Plus

Alloy Frame Safe! The Power Mag Plus offers all the quality, reliability, service life and customer satisfaction of the CM Products Power Mag 1911 Series magazines.

The unique POWER+ follower accomplishes the same tasks as the Power Mag follower but in a different way. The POWER+ follower remains within the confines of the magazine tube, avoiding contact with alloy frame material if the slide is released forward with an empty magazine still in place. Since the POWER+ follower cannot come in contact with the frame, Power Mag Plus magazines are recommended for those owners of 1911 pistols with aluminum alloy receivers.

Available in our standard length 8 round and extra capacity 10 round models. The long history of CM Products magazines have proven no other brand has the combination of quality, reliability, service life and customer satisfaction of CM Products Power™ series magazines. With the introduction of the Power Mag Plus, you now have the reliability of a steel follower in the world's best magazine for your lightweight aluminum alloy frame Government, Commander and other full-size, standard grip-length 1911-style pistols.

Power Mag Plus magazines have the CM Products 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Unique POWER MAG PLUS follower is alloy frame safe!
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • Laser welded tube
  • Numbered witness holes for visual round count
  • Unique all-steel follower also functions as a spring
  • High tensile 17-7 Stainless Steel corrosion resistant spring
  • Removable base pad for easy cleaning
  • Smooth finish for easy insertion and removal
  • Long lasting function in dirty environments
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